Photography:  Gert Jan van Rooij

  • 011.STEDELIJK-MUSEUm-AERNOUT-MIK-2013-PH.GJ_.vanROOIJ_original
  • 009.STEDELIJK MUSEUm-AERNOUT MIK 2013 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ_original
  • 008.STEDELIJK MUSEUm-AERNOUT MIK 2013 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ_original
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  • 003.STEDELIJK MUSEUm-AERNOUT MIK 2013 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ_original
  • 001.STEDELIJK MUSEUm-AERNOUT MIK 2013 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ_original

The Theatermachine made the light design for the overview exhibition of Aernout Mik at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Mik designed a installation consisting of architecture and video projection. The video features a range of Mik’s work from 1996 till the present. Designer Maarten Warmerdam uses very diffuse wide spread fixtures with a high color temperature make the architecture visible but avoid adding drama or interpretation to the room. The results can be seen at the Stedelijk Museum till august the 25th 2013. More information can be found at the website of the Stedelijk Museum.