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This years Luminale De Theatermachine collaborates with the Fast Slow light exhibition organised by The Dutch Institute for lighting design and LUX LAb. In total seven installations can be seen at the Austellingshalle in the Schulstrasse 1a.

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Kiekbox -Tom Verheijen Picture your personality

Light Freshener – Vera Wegener Get inspired, relaxed and refreshed from an exhausting day

Be a Light – Blauwe Uur Outdoor multimedia installation (starts after 20:00 )

Red Light and Sugar II – Maarten Warmerdam See what light candy do

Light as a draftsman Andrea Droees Dynamic day and night light rhythm

Theatre Clair Obscure Henk van der Geest Simple magic with optics, light and shadow

Colourworks Wijnand van der Horst Lightpaintings

Evening-talks on 16 – 17 -18 april start 8 PM Slow-light manifest curated by Ellen de Vries, Henk van der Geest, Isabel Nielen