New main entrance for Stedelijk Museum

The main entrance of Stedelijk Museum has been reopened. The renewed entrance hall is made easier accessible and it’s possible to meet up for coffee. Also the museum shop has been rearranged.

Entrance gates to the museum shop have been removed and a large coffee corner with green design chairs has been introduced. Visitors are able to meet up in the entrance hall, even if they are not planning to visit the museum. The idea is to create an open and public space, not just a passage to the museum rooms.

Above the coffee corner is a large video display, which will show video art from different artists. Stedelijk Museum will ask artists to create special content for it. A wall above the wardrobe area hosts a large work by Lawrence Weiner.

Theatermachine created light design for the renewed entrance area, including lighting the museum shop and the artwork by Lawrence Weiner.

Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij