Theatermachine is a partnership between Isabel Nielen, Mike Evers, Floriaan Ganzevoort and Benno Barends. We specialize in light design and consultancy. We work in theatre, museums, architecture and music and we design light as an independent art form.


Our designs are distinguishable by the way we treat light as an agent and to tell a story. Design starts with space, which could be a theatre set, but also could be a building or a room. In this way a dialogue is conceived between space and light. During the creative process we continuously challenge the design to fit the concept and we remain in dialogue with the client. Light designs keep evolving.

Method of working

Collaboration is crucial for Theatermachine. Not only within our team, but also with third parties. Bundling expertise increases knowledge and makes it possible to achieve an optimal result. The implementation phase is as important as the design itself.

Communicating about light is not easy. Visualization can provide a clear understanding of the image at an early stage. Later in the design process, we work with test setups to show the spectator’s experience.


Our light artworks are the result of research and experiment. We might design a light source, or the manipulation of light on other materials, objects or space. This makes light tangible. The spectator’s experience is key. Our light artworks are a source of inspiration for our lighting designs.

Who we are:

  • We are independent of suppliers, and do not receive commissions.
  • Four people who share a passion for light, an eye for detail and mutual confidence in each other.