isabel_nielen_theatermachineFrom a background in fine arts, Isabel Nielen has worked for many years as a lighting designer for theatre, dance and opera, on both indoor and outdoor stages. Outdoor location theatre has become her specialty, including Dogtroep from 1992-1999, the Lunatics and Anouk van Dijk.

Since 2007, her field of work has extended further to include lighting design for architecture, museums and public spaces. In addition to her freelance work, Isabel also works as artistic coordinator and coach at iLo (instituut Lichtontwerpen), based in Amsterdam.

Since 2013 she has worked closely with Theatermachine on many projects resulting in a partnership in 2016.

A new light installation by Isabel was selected by the jury of the Amsterdam Light Festival for the 2016/2017 winter edition of the festival.

“My fascination with light never stops. Light is so common; we almost forget to look at it. I remain surprised at the appearance of light. Light, a visual design in time and space.”


Recent projects by Isabel