Alex van Warmerdam at EYE Filmmuseum

In Alex van Warmerdam – L’histoire kaputt personages, objects and situations come to life in a mysteriously staged setting, complemented by big screens showing scenes from Van Warmerdam’s films. Alex van Warmerdam is a Dutch maker of films and works for the stage, as well as a writer and painter.

At the invitation of Eye Filmmuseum, Alex van Warmerdam (1952) created an exhibition specially designed for the museum. It includes new films, installations and objects. Film, theatre, design and painting come together in L’histoire kaputt, a term that denotes a wondrous world where things are completely convincingly different from how they appear.

More information can be found on the website of EYE Filmmuseum.

Light design: Isabel Nielen – Theatermachine
Team: Mike Evers and Isabel Nielen
Photography: Hans Wilschut