Each one of us is confronted by typography every day: from the digits on our alarm clock, to the price ticket on a loaf of bread and the label in our clothing. Philippe Apeloig’s mastery of typography is such that he is able to play a subtle and well-chosen game with characters and fonts. For Apeloig, letters are never autonomous images; even when distorted, they always serve as carriers of a clear message.
See more at: http://www.stedelijk.nl/en/exhibitions/philippe-apeloig–using-type.

Light design De Theatermachine- Maarten Warmerdam

Lighting team: Mike Evers- Isabel Nielen en Maarten Warmerdam

Photagraphy : Gert Jan van Rooij

  • 010.SM-PHILIPPE APELOIG 2015-028.029 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ
  • 005.SM-PHILIPPE APELOIG 2015-028.029 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ
  • 002.SM-PHILIPPE APELOIG 2015-028.029 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ