Grondproeven 3

Culinary musical theater about arable farmers in transition

Isabel collaborated at the beginning of this summer on the musical theater production Grondproeven 3 commissioned by the 5th Quarter. A wonderful location performance where delicious vegetarian food, agricultural issues, theater and music came together in a full-length event. All this on the field and around the barn of an arable farm. The piece is based on interviews with several arable farmers. The connection between farmer and land and the generational conflict over conventional and/or organic farming are the main theme, highlighted in many ways.

Lighting Design

The lighting design for the barn where visitors watched the performance while enjoying a 3-course dinner needed quite a bit of preparation. Partly because of the limited budget, limited power, and the desire to also play around and among the audience to create a total experience. Finally opted for 3 long trusses under the rafters of the barn. With a back wall of cuub crates for the potatoes and stage sections at different heights, a space was created while sitting at the dining tables you still had a good view of the players and musicians.

Grondproeven 2024

For those who missed Grondproeven 3. The performance will play again in 2024 in Northeast Friesland, Rotterdam and Almere. Keep an eye on the Grondproeven website!


Concept, direction: Titia Bouwmeester
Script: Danielle van Vree.
Music composition: Ben van Bueren
Performers: Anne Fé de Boer, Rogier Schippers, Danielle van Vree.
Music: Ricardo Souza Rocha, Ted van Leeuwen, Ben van Bueren
Stage direction: Dorien Folkers
Dramaturgy: Moniek Merkx

Lighting design: Isabel Nielen
Costume: Jookje Zweedijk
Sound &Technics: Gijs Steenbergen
Production: Aafke van der Leij
Publicity: Maartje Hagar Treep
Cooks: Tineke de Lange, Titia Bouwmeester, Kaman Chow, Merel Nolet, Linette Eveleens, Tomas Koek, Ezra Koek, Erna Koomen
Thanks to: Eventury Productions, the Karavaan and Aukes Theater Technology.