Crossing Time – Camp Vught National Memorial

Crossing Time is an audiovisual installation in the outdoor area of ​​Camp Vught National Memorial. A collaboration between Beeldjutters and Theatermachine, in which video projections, light and audio merge together.
At this time when we all are bombarded with incentives, and the world keeps spinning round, Crossing Time provides an alternative perspective. The images slow down time, forward or backward, historic, now a days or future? As a visitor you become part of the carrousel installation.
Let your associations run free in a sober poetic audiovisual world that is built up with extreme precision, layer by layer. Images in which darkness and shadow are at least as important as brightness and intensity.

Brabant Remembers

We have been asked by Artifex and Brabant Remembers to develop an art installation for 75 years of WWII commemoration. With respect for the place and the unbelievable suffering, we wanted to build a bridge between then and now with Crossing Time.
Crossing Time invites you to think and draw parallels between the present and the past. You are tempted to let go of the ratio and return to the feeling, to the emotion, in search of the core of the unspeakable and unthinkable. “Never again.”

The Art of freedom

The project falls under “The Art of Freedom” whereby temporary works of art can be admired throughout the province of Brabant from March. Especially at locations that were important during the war and liberation. The installations are penetrating and confronting works of art that lead to reflection and reflection and build a bridge to the present. In the coming months, in the year that the Netherlands celebrates 75 years of freedom, everyone can take a “voyage of discovery” through Brabant along these art installations, to celebrate and commemorate the end of the war, each in his own personal way.

Photography: Jan van de Ven


Concept and design:  Julian van Buul and Vincent Vriens – Beeldjutters, Isabel Nielen – Theatermachine
Sound composition: Joost van Dijk
Video content: Julian van Buul, Vincent Vriens, Thomas Bouvy, Jolein Kop, Sytske Nijp, Demian Geerlings, Alex van der Aa.
Technical production: Niels Krupers, Thijs Wijnands, Aukes TheatertechniekArthur Licht en Geluid.
Light: Mike Evers – Theatermachine
Video production: Manouk Eenig
Performers and extras: Sarah Prescimone, Gegam Soghomonyan, Ad van Iersel, Ulrike Doszmann and Julie.
Production: Artifex
Special thanks to: All 80 extra’s.
Staff members of Camp Vught National Memorial
Staff members Penitentiaire Inrichting Vught