Ana Morphè laserinstallation Amsterdam Light Festival

Ana Morphè was on display during the Amsterdam Light festival (ALF) 2016/18 in the Oosterdok. In this light installation laser is used on a poetic and magical way, with light, water, and excursion boats in the lead role. The light images are inspired by the important role of water in our existence and the specific molecular properties of water. Photo: Janus van den Eijnden.

I wanted to create a work where you can sail right through. In which you would everywhere feel the light. The 6 RGB lasers together form a constantly changing cyclical pattern about water molecules.

I  became fascinated by the role of water in Amsterdam, on macro and micro level. Water brought prosperity and commerce to the city. As we go through our canals, we look at the buildings and bridges, we never look to the water. We do not realize that all the water is fresh water in Amsterdam, we paddle and play in it. It’s hard to imagine that fresh water is a scarce commodity on this world. Water, so common that you probably never think about how unique it is and how vital to our lives.

This work has been created by  the special support of DTL Laser. They are open to special projects in which laser is used in other ways.

Thanks to:
DTL laser
Aukes Theatertechniek
Technisch Team ALF
Amsterdam Light Festival