Living in the Amsterdam School


In 2016 the Amsterdam School will return to the Stedelijk. Immerse yourself in a spectacular survey of Amsterdam School interior design: furniture, lamps, clocks, ceramics, textiles, and graphic designs such as those for wallpaper. Creating the light for this exhibition was quite different than what we are used to make at the Stedelijk. We choosed to work with warm white incandescent light sources without daylight correction to light the objects. This created a warm domestic feeling. Object where lit with focussed spots with small optics. Because this spots are in a limited amount at the Stedelijk we used special black wrap templates to alter te beam. When lighting the object with spots was not possible we used warm white high CRI led strips and small focusable led spots.


More information about this exhibition can be found at the website of stedelijk.

Exhibition design: Kosman en de Jong

Light design the Theatermachine- Isabel Nielen en Maarten Warmerdam

Lighting team: Roel Biemold, Mike Evers, Wijnand van der Horst, Floriaan Ganzevoort, Isabel Nielen en Maarten Warmerdam

Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij