Rembrandt Laboratory Rembrandthuis

The Theatermachine has provided the light design for the temporary exhibition ‘Rembrandt Laboratory’ in the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam. Rembrandt’s technique unravelled. The exhibition can be seen from 21 September 2019 till 16 February 2020. The Rembrandt Laboratory exhibition examines the technical execution of his paintings and etchings. How did Rembrandt make his paintings, etchings and drawings? And how do we investigate that today? How did he make his colors for the paint? How did he use his white? How did he build up his paintings? What kind of cloth did he use? and much more.

The challenge for this exhibition lay in the fact that in the middle of the room a clear white laboratory appearance was created, while the artworks on the outer walls had to meet very strict low lux values. The light balance between these two extremes was achieved by placing customized LED bulbs in the desk lamp fixtures.

Licht design:  Theatermachine Isabel Nielen
Team: Wijnand van der Horst, Isabel Nielen
Exhibition design: Trapped in Suburbia
photography: Mike Bink