David Cronenberg

At the EYE filmmuseum Theatermachine (TM) was responsible for the light design for the David Cronenberg overview exhibition. In close collaboration with designer Claus Wiersma TM came up with an architectural light solution for the various blocks and objects. Special made light grids followed the shape of the objects re-enforcing  the newly created architecture.  At the time time the light grids created ideal lighting positions.

For this exhibition we used the same showcases as in the original exhibition in Toronto. These where equipped with build in fluorescent side light. We decide to skip these lights and light the objects  from the outside to create more texture and depth to the objects.

More information about the project can de found at the website of the EYE filmmuseum.

Light design Maarten Warmerdam

Team Maarten Warmerdam, Mike Evers and Isabel Nielen

Photography: Hans Wildschut