Emanuel de Witte: Master of Light

Theatermachine, in collaboration with Studio OTW, created light design for the exhibition Emanuel de Witte: Master of Light at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. The painter Emanuel de Witte was born in Alkmaar 400 years ago. He belongs to one of the most talented painters of the Golden Age. De Witte is best known for his beautiful architectural paintings of church and house interiors in which light plays a major role.

The exhibition is in the large inner hall of the museum. This room has no windows. Yet daylight plays a major role in the design. Changeable daylights rays are moving through space. As if the sun shines through large windows. This light creates an extra atmosphere and gives the viewer a special feeling. While you look at the paintings, the light image changes in space without actually noticing it. Time passes and the light beams change direction and shape. The whole space has become part of the exhibition.

This exhibition is winner of both Jury Prize and People’s Choice Frame Award in the category Exhibition of the Year.

Design: Jelena Stefanovic, Studio OTW
Light design: Theatermachine Maarten Warmerdam
Light Team: Maarten Warmerdam, Isabel Nielen and Roel Biemold.
Video projection: Jurjen Alkema, Blauwe Uur.
Photography: Mike Bink