DNA of the Netherlands Museum Prinsenhof Delft

With great pleasure, the Theatermachine worked on the exhibition DNA of the Netherlands inĀ Museum Prinsenhof Delft. The exhibition focuses on patriotic relics of the Netherlands. There are objects retained or collected which have been cherished because of the association with an important person in history. But during time the meaning or the impact of these objects change. In line with this development DNA of the Netherlands researchesĀ the question: what are “national relics” from recent history? And what recent objects could become relics in the future?

dna van nederland

Exhibition design: ATELIER Alkema
Light design: Theatermachine – Isabel Nielen, Roel Biemold en Maarten Warmerdam.
Team – Isabel Nielen, Roel Biemold, Jeroen Smith en Maarten Warmerdam.

On show from 14 October 2017 until 18 February 2018.