GRID light installation

The installation GRID of light designer Isabel Nielen explores the phenomenon of optical illusion using geometric light shapes. She creates a situation in which the simplest basic shapes become visually active. When the spectator looks to the installation you get the impression of movement, a variable horizon or patterns created by our own eyes and the limits of our perception. Rhythm and repetition are the basis of movement. With only “white light” many  colors are created.

The work is inspired by the early black and white paintings by Bridget Riley. Just as in the optical art, this installation explores the interaction between light and dark, between feeling and seeing.

The installation is made with 9 profile small spots and a projection screen, with the support of the companies BeamSystems and Rolight.

It was part of the exhibition” Artificial Light Paradise” organised bij the ILO Institute of Lightdesign. Displayed in Frankfurt and Amsterdam