Seth Siegelaub Beyond Conceptual Art

002.SM-SIEGELAUB 2015 -PH.GJ.vanROOIJ_original

December the 11th 2015 a new exhibition on Seth Siegelaub opened at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. For the light it proved a challenge to balance the white furniture, spacious showcases and the low lux levels into one light space. Despite having using various light sources in the space we managed to create a calm atmosphere. De fluorescent wall washers create depth to the space and by dimming them to the minimal level we create a almost grayish glow to the walls. This is combined with top wash with CLS led spots. For the museum object we used incandescent dimmable spot lights. The result is a room that feels bright while we managed to obtain the low lux levels.

Light design the Theatermachine- Isabel Nielen

Team: Roel Biemold, Mike Evers, Isabel Nielen en Floriaan Ganzevoort

Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij