Museum Rotterdam

De Theatermachine created the light design for the exhibition De Aanval (The attack) at the newly renovated submarine dock de heiplaat in Rotterdam The Netherlands.

The design makes use of variation of museum  and theatre spotlights. Due to the very different natures of the light fixtures we had to come up with a smart solution to integrate these looks. We came up with a solution where we hang the museum spotlight in a grid at lower height to encompass the exhibition architecture.

The Theatermachine worked together with Isabel Nielen and Wijnand van der Horst for the design and realization of this project.


Client :Museum Rotterdam and the  Stadsarchief Rotterdam together with  Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin Germany
Location: Onderzeebootloods RDM Rotterdam
Exhibition design: Jeroen de Vries
Video and technical production:Indy video
Light design: De Theatermachine: Isabel Nielen realisation together with Wijnand van der Horst