With great pleasure Theatermachine created the light design for the theatre show MARE of Vis à Vis. Vis à Vis is a theatre company located at the Almeerderstrand in Almere, that is capable of making  unique location based theater spectacle. MARE is a hilarious desperate struggle for survival of the stranded man on a desolate location. In all the theatrical elements remains the small human scale.

With the performance MARE Vis à Vis provides a look at the future, in which the whole world is under water, at the hands of man. The playing floor is a water basin filled with more than 1 million liters of water, then after a storm the world slowly disappears in the water. The biggest stumbling trouble makers in times of need is, as always,  mankind himself. Nature has the last word in this submerged world. MARE is inspired by the performance DRIFT of Vis à Vis from 1996.

Photos Anna van Kooij

Director: Tom Ryser. Set design: Jan Willem van der Schoot. Costume design: Miek Uittenhout. Music: Bart Jan Oosting and Erik Hofland. Lighting design: Isabel Nielen. Actors: Anne Katic, Doortje Peters, Dorus van der Meer, Gerold Guthman, Rutger Buiter and Marinus Vroom.

Many thanks to the engineering team: Sjoerd Hogendoorn, Floris Berendse and Arnoud Kaldeway. The performance is operated by Idwinge Boetes and Janneke Godschalk.
MARE was very successful and will be played again next summer starting in may 2018, info website Vis à Vis.