Taminiau's Poetic Clash

This years Haute Couture Fashionweek in Paris Jan Taminiau presented the fourth show with a light design by Floriaan Ganzevoort for the theatermachine.

The theme of the show ‘ Poetic Clash ‘ was loosely based on detachment and alienation in a colonised world. Jan Taminiau shares his interest for the tribal African silhouettes, patterns and scarifications as well as the magnetism of ikats from Uzbekistan. Through this collection, he combines these ethnic inspirations with his Couture savoir-faire and traditional clothing construction crafts. The forms used were lush and looked like they where surrounded by a haze of fine mist. For the bridal dress Taminiau worked closely togehther with Maison Lesage, masters in designing, manufacturing and processing side.

The light emphasized the rich architecture of the space where the show took place, Salle Erard in Paris, by framing specific parts of the architecture, thus putting them out of context.