'La Barca' opens

In September 2007 in Hengelo the opera ‘La Barca’ premiered. This was a co-production of the Kassiopeia Quintet and the Nationale Reisopera. The direction was in the hands of Spanish director Adrian Schvarzstein and Floriaan Ganzevoort did lighting design. From a review in de Volkskrant: “The journey offers miniature drama’s, a harpsichord in a boat, and a soprano who gives the word follow spot a whole new, by following the beam herself. There are also magic tricks, a steam whistle and a trompe l’oeuil-set done using a bow and a lot of mobile components that makes you seasick during a storm.
Musically the performance is a one-and-a-half-hour during highlight, although not all singers are cut from the same powerful wood. As a whole it is so visual, it is hardly necessary to read the surtitles (…)”
The light follows the contours of the boat and could slowly dangle. In the second act a long line of low sidelights provides a beautiful mist after the passed-by storm.