'Tsi Tsi Tsigane' by the Djordji Ferari Orkestar at Oerol Festival

Tsi Tsi Tsigane tells the story of travelling Roma in the new millennium. Now the borders are open, the Ferari family is in search of new musical friends on the island of Terschelling.

Between the car bumpers and grey laundry it goes from Hora to Balkan Beat of tragic violin solos to hysterical copper Banda’s. But is the traditional family band of the Ferari’s strong enough to resist influences from outside? Theatre makers of, among others Jetje en haar dansorkest, the Ashton Brothers and De Wereldband take a brand new warehouse on West Terschelling to Balkan areas.

Because the stage was huge and no less than 9 players were on the floor the use of moving light was almost inevitable. The problem of accessibility of the fixtures played a big role.