World premiere 'Glanz' at Stockhausen In Memoriam in Holland Festival

More than 25 years Karlheinz Stockhausen worked on his opera ‘Light’, with the subtitle ‘The Seven Days of the Week.’
The second scene from ‘Wednesday’, ‘Orchestra-Finalists’, Stockhausen wrote especially for the Asko Ensemble. The work was completed in 1996. It is the musical imagination of an audition: an ‘orchestra test play’. After ‘Light’ Stockhausen began to work on ‘Klang’, The 24 Hours of the Day. Shortly before his death in 2007 he composed for the Asko Ensemble ‘Glanz’, the tenth hour of the cycle. It is a piece for seven players, three of which enclose a pyramid that let the stage gleam in a mysterious light.

Maarten Warmerdam designed the light object and did the light design for this production.