Opening solo exposition Noa Giniger

Noa Giniger’s work is conceptual, established on facts. The creation of a work is an intuitive, emotional, sometimes arbitrary process for the artist. Her works “ which range from sculptures, sound pieces, photography to installation “ are an attempt to grasp and take hold of the idea; of the moment or an event when the artist is moved or inspired. She attempts to turn ‘essence’ into ‘something’ that has a distinct, separate existence.  

The works in :-)-: encapsulate Giniger’s increasing interest in the transitory; in creating objects or situations that have only a limited lifespan, from which their only trace and remainder becomes the impression left with the viewer.

The show’s title renders a similar effect. It is an emoticon, which contains both signifiers of happy and sad. It captures the mutual connection of the two states, as well as that fragile balance upon which most things frequently exist. It is in this spirit that many of Giniger’s works can be viewed. She frequently takes actions, words and phrases that hold personal meaning “ that are closely connected to her own experiences “ and proposes them to others. There, stripped of their biography or location, they might strike a similarly personal chord or appear cold and emotionless.

Floriaan Ganzevoort helped conceiving the light intervention at the end of each expositionday and did the lighting for the displayed artworks.