'Jeanne of the Dark' in Theater Kikker

Jeanne of the Dark is an exploration of the image of the vamp in the multimedia context of music, lighting, and silent film. Rather than tell a story, co-composers Marko Ciciliani and Terre Thaemlitz have created an unconventional artwork that derives its imagery and its sound world from a range of reference points transgressing stylistic and cultural boundaries, from vampire movies to eroticism, from heavy metal to cannibalism. The stereotype of the vamp “ the seductive but dangerous woman, man-eater, femme fatale, inseparable from the dualistic male view of the female as virgin/whore “ is teased out and recontextualised, and a consuming process of attraction and repulsion is set in motion for the listener/viewer. The work is structured in four large panels, the first three composed by Ciciliani for his ensemble Bakin Zub, connected by musical and filmic interludes composed by Thaemlitz.