De verb(l)azing

Saturday the ninth of May The verb(l)azing ( the amazement) premiered in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. De verb(l)azing is a children play for anyone from 6+ and is produced by Orkater and Productiehuis Jeugdconcerten.

A vagrant wonders around the stage as if he is looking for something. He walks past the microphone and discovers that he hears himself. He breathes, listens, discovers rhythms and tunes. Five musicians appear and start to interfere. From the tunes  music from Bach, Kagel and Ligeti appear.

Concept and music: Beppe Costa

Performed by:
Beppe Costa
The Eolian Ensemble
Flute: Karin Leutscher
Oboe: Vicki Laws
Manifold: Ccile Rongen
Bassoon: Susan Brinkhof
Horn: Miek Laforce

Director: Gijs de Lange
Scenery: Maarten Kastelijns
Costumes: Sasha Zwiers
Light design: Maarten Warmerdam

Sound technician: Wannes van der Veer
Light technician: Maarten Warmerdam