In praise of darkness premieres

In the Thursday evening concert series : In Praise of Darkness was performed by the ASKO|SCHNBERG in the Muziekgebouw aan ˜t IJ. Maarten Warmerdam did the light design for that evening.
In antiquity, the musician Orpheus descended into the world of shadows, and there are contemporary composers who still do that. Mary Finsterer – in German, the surname suggests one who dwells in darkness – composed a piece about the worlds described by the author J.L. Borges, who had gone blind. Piet-Jan van Rossum, too, creates a shadow zone by having his main vocal character wandering around a half-dreamed Paris of the 1930s. And Martijn Padding continues his series of “mini concertos” with a piece that has the violinist Heleen Hulst as solist.