Asko|Schonberg at Warschauer Herbst

The Dutch modern music ensemble Asko|Schoenberg was invite to the to Warschauer Herbst to perform to piece by Karlheinz Stockhausen. The pieces regarded are one of the more theatrical of his compositions.

The first ” Glanz” was especially composed for the ensemble and completed just before his death. The piece is part of the Klang cycles in which it functions as the tenth our. The composer once summarised the piece as follows: Manifold, Viola, Bassoon play in one big shape, which is interrupted by magical moments. Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone and Tube create suppresses.

In the second piece ” Orchester Finalist” Stockhausen started with the thought that more and more musicians want to prove their individual talent. Stockhausen created a piece in which each performer has to present himself to the audience.

De Theatermachine was responsible for both the Light designs as well as the technical production for this performance.

The same program will also be performed next February in the Muziekgebouw aan ˜t IJ in Amsterdam. For more informations please check the website of the Asko|Schoenberg or from The Muziekgebouw aan “t IJ.