Pigeonhouse at November Music

At the November Music festival in Den Bosch the performance Pigeonhouse by Thomas Myrmel en Wilbert Bulsink opened on november 14th.

In the soundscape of ‘Pigeonhouse’ text and music enter in a probing dialogue. Text and music by seven performers flow together, disappera into eachother. The listener will sometimes experience speach as music and sometimes hear a story in the music, according to the composers

Floriaan Ganzevoort made the lighting design for this absurdistic music theatre piece. For this performance Floriaan developped a lighting concept that is based on the idea of ‘accidental lighting’. In this concept the lighting situation can appear to be accidental or seemingly accidental. During one part of the performance the light is in constant movement, like the weather can be. Sometimes the light seems to follow the musicians, sometimes the light follows it’s own path and barely touches them.