The classic Medea seen from the eyes of the children

A mother who decides to kill her own children: It is to much to comprehend. Unfortunately messages like this get to us ever more often, but yet it remains strange to use. This could explain the popularity of the classis tragedy of Medea. The challenge to think of the unthinkable.

In the Opera Children from Medea. The ever so famous story is told from the perspective of the children. The children meet their parents in the after life and finally get to know about the catastrophe that led to their death. It becomes the family reunion that exceeds all expectations.

The performance premiered 13th of October in Leiden (The Netherlands).
Maarten Warmerdam was responsible for the light design for this production.

For photographs taken from the dress rehearsal you click on the picture on the right of this article.

Further information can be found at site of the vocal story foundation (de Stichting Vocaal Verhaal ).

Concept and composition: Warner van Es
Libretto: Lisa de Rooy
Director: Karin Joensthoevel en Anna Rottier
Scenery and kostums: Dieuweke van Reij en Luca Stappers (assistant: Sabine Bezuijen)
Light: Maarten Warmerdam

With Karin Joensthoevel, Joost van Velzen, Jeroen Manders, Merel van Geest, leden van het Erik-Jan de With en Daan van Koppen from the the Haque saxofone kwartet (het Haags saxofoonkwartet) Nicolette Heerema and the choir “Het Zingend Hart”
Production: Stichting Vokaal Verhaal i.a. LAKtheater en Veenfabriek/Scheltemacomplex
Production assistant: Suzanne de Graaf