When Salome dances for king Herodes everything changes.

In the play of Osacar Wilde the kingdom of Herodes is derived to excess and became a godless world. Boredom leads to extravagant rattans. It is in this world that we meet Salome. Salome is the stepdaughter of the king and she became the stereotype of a spoiled, arrogant and nihilistic young women. A beautiful girl without fear. It’s when she meets the divined prophet john that she gets enchants by life. A destructive plot evolves.

Salome is a production by ” Toneelschuur producties” and is played in Haarlem (the Netherlands). Maarten Warmerdam was responsible for the light design. A national tour for this production is planned in the 2011/2012 season.

Text: Oscar Wilde, Director: Matthias Mooij, Scenery: Piia Maria Pekkanen, Light: Maarten Warmerdam, Music: Eef van Breen, Assistant kostums: Samia Brock

With: Jette Carolijn van den Berg, Bert Klever, Stephanie Louwrier, Mike Libanon, Jokob Nieuwenhuijsen, Marike van Weelden

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