Pinocchio in Love delights Sicily

Ricciotti Ensemble has just returned from Sicily after a very successful tour through Sicily in Italy.

The performed the opera ‘Pinocchio in Love’ another four times.

Floriaan Ganzevoort did the original as well as the adapted lighting design for Sicily.


music: Guus Janssen

libretto: Friso Haverkamp


director: Miranda Lakerveld


set and costumes: Pi-Kwadraat


lightingdesign: Floriaan Ganzevoort


Antje Lohse: mezzosoprano – Blue


Harm Huson: countertenor – Little Man


Roberto Bacchilega: actor – Pini (the old Pinocchio)


Javier Murugarren: dancer/puppeteer – Pini (the young Pinocchio)


Ricciotti ensemble directed by Gijs Kramers