Christmas in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam concert hall: ” the Doelen” Christmas is celebrated with the fairy tail the girl with the matchsticks from Hans Christian Andersen.

While the whole world calibrates Christmas in abundance a young girl needs to sell matchsticks for here survival. Overcome by cold and in a illusion world between life and death she meets the snowman.

This performance was held till the 2nd of January in ” de Doelen” The Netherlands. For pictures you click on the picture to the right of this article. Further information can be derived from the web site of Xynix Opera.

Music: Henry Purcell
Libretto: Jurian van Dongen (after Hans Christian Andersen)
Director: Joke Hoolboom
New compositions: Oene van Geel and Jasper le Clerq
Arrangemnets: Niek Idelenburg
Scenery: Douwe Hibma
Costumes’: Ineke Duivevoorde & Sophie Ketting
Sound design: Tom Gelissen
Light Design: Maarten Warmerdam
Camera: Marc Redmeijer
Editor: Han Savelkoel (bonhanza)
Video projection: Martin Jan Gaasbeek

Nienke Otten: The girl
Florian Just: The snowman
Niek Idelenburg: Grandpa
Machteld van Delft: Violin
Pieter Hoggervorst: Base
Philipp Brämswig: Guitar
Tjazo Oostdijk: Percussion

Hans Ravenstein: Studio technician
Ard Heinkens: Sound technician
Mike Evers: Operator light
Roland van Joolen: Video technician
Djordi Veerman: trainee technician