‘Curiosity’ on show during Amsterdam Light Festival

Curiosity_©2014_Floriaan_Ganzevoort_Maarten_Warmerdam_ - 08

‘Curiosity’ is a strong desire to know or learn something. It is also an unusual or interesting object or fact.

We make ‘Curiosity’ into a light sculpture that embraces both definitions in one object. This object is going to make the spectators aware that they investigate, that they question things and that they are curious.

Curiosity plays with the desire that some of us have. They need to know whether the light inside the refrigerator is really off when the door is closed. Once their curiosity has been activated, people go to extremes to answer it. This has brought people to go to the moon, to dive into the deepest oceans and to dig into the earth.

We want the object to awake this curiosity. A curiosity that can not be for filled. The objective is to make the audience aware of their own curiosity. You are invited to take the time and to look beyond and around.

‘Curiosity’ is on display in the ‘Inkijk galerie’ inside the underground station ‘Amsterdam Waterlooplein’ from November 3 until December 26 2014. The show is part of the fringe program of Amsterdam Light Festival

De expositie wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het GVB.
Kijk voor meer informatie over de Inkijkgalerie op de website van Polderlicht