Doelen Rotterdam – Opening Night

Concert Hall De Doelen in Rotterdam presents a sample of its Music Programme for the coming season on Opening Night, 10 September 2022.
Performing artists: pianist Djuwa Mroivili, singer-songwriter Anne-Fay, Stargaze collective, singer-songwriter Lisa Luka en trumpet player Peter Somuah.

Mike Evers for Theatermachine created the lighting design. The concert hall’s distinctive architecture is enhanced with LED luminescent panels that can change color and intensity. Musicians on stage were illuminated with moving light fixtures that are part of a permanently installed lighting rig.


Lighting design: Mike Evers – Theatermachine
Assistant lighting design: Benno Barends – Theatermachine
Manager Music Programming: Masa Spaan
Production Coordinator: Ymkje Koopal
Photography: Taufan Adia Putra