Elektra on Chamber Opera Festival

On april 22 2009 the new monodrama Elektra opened at the Chamber Opera Festival in Zwolle.

In this new roduction the succesful colaboration between Sjaron Minailo and Roswitha Bergmann continues. This time Bergmann presents herself  as co-director.

In ‘Elektra’, loosely inpired by an opera with the same name of Richard Strauss, everything is about revenge. After her father Agamemnon was murdered at her mothers order, the kings dother, who is torn by hatred, has only one desire: revenge. As long as her mother hasn’t been punished, Elektra isn’t free. At the same time her unscrupulous will to pay back keeps her emprisoned.

Floriaan Ganzevoort made a lighting design for this performance, investigating the changing way of colour perception.