George & Eran become racists

Benno Barends did the lighting design for George become racists. Bringing Terschelling in was the mission. The light became a bright summer day that could turn into a cold evening during a long monologue.

In this topical comedy, brown friends George & Eran along with white singing duo Nordgrond highlight the (im)possibility of getting it “right,” because there is always someone who feels offended, discriminated against or treated unequally.

We want to do our part, do the right thing, be on the right side of history, tolerant and understanding!

We have been shouting for years:

women still earn less than men

police continue ethnic profiling


White Dutch identity seems to be fading.

And Black Pete still just won’t change color.

But being virtuous is not as easy as it seems in the world we live in.

Cast & Creatives

Concept & Text: Koos Terpstra, George Elias Tobal & Eran Ben-Michael
Play & Music: George Elias Tobal, Eran Ben-Michael, Myrthe Huber & Milan Sekeris
Directed by Koos Terpstra

Directing assistant & costumes: Sanne Verkaaik
Set design: Mats Boswijk
Lighting design: Benno Barends