Hier zijn we koningen for Het Zuidelijk Toneel

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Hier zijn we koningen is a universal story about uprooting and the journey that follows. In this musical theater production by Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Lisette Ma Neza ventures into unraveling what was hidden deep inside. A variety of undisclosed family anecdotes about flights from Rwanda, the horrors of genocide, but above all overwhelming silence.

Mike Evers of Theatermachine created the lighting design for this touring theater production. With architectural lighting elements added to set pieces (led strips 3000K.) and a rig consisting of led sourced moving lights (Robe LEDWash 300, Robe CycFX 8, Robe DL7S Profile, SGM P-5 RGBW, ETC ColourSource Spot), the lighting has been designed to provide sufficient atmosphere and creative possibilities for the staging by Ira Kip. In combination with masking, cyclorama, gauze and the use of a bright vinyl dance floor, the theatrical stage design creates a space in which the set design by Eddy van der Laan comes to life.

Review Theaterkrant (Wendy Lubberding)


Concept, writer and performer: Lisette Ma Neza
Director and music: Ira Kip and Winston Bergwijn
Music composer and producer: Benjamin Ankomah
Performers: Barbara Willemsen, Daniël Pando, Giovanni Pisas, Melvin Aroma, Revé Terborg and Rubiën Florens Vyent
Choreography: Faizah Grootens
Dramaturgy: Ilgin Abeln
Scenic design: Eddy van der Laan – Atelier Clement
Light design: Mike Evers – Theatermachine
Assistant light design/programmer: Floriaan Ganzevoort – Theatermachine
Assistent director: Saron Tesfahuney
Technical director: Stan Bannier
Production: Rianne Valstar and Lysanne van Esch
Lighting equipment supplied by: Ampco Flashlight Rental
Photography: Selwyn de Wind