Match Girl Passion by Silbersee

Silbersee (formerly known as VocaalLAB) brought out the music theatre performance ‘Match Girl Passion’. The original script and the stage direction was by Romain Bischoff and Bärbel Kühn with a light design by Floriaan Ganzevoort.

The majority of the music is composed by David Lang, who won the Pulitzer Prize for ‘the little match girl passion’ in 2008. In this piece he adapts the story of the little match girl by Hans Christian Andersen. The contemporary passion forms the heart of this mystical performance.

The young girl first appears in a twilight zone between life and death. She sings a comforting ballad: In Paradise. An old man reaches out for her and takes her with him on a dancing journey through a dreamy landscape. A choir of those who stayd behind, sings about the girl; not able to intervene, longing for comfort.

Anthony Fiumara: In Paradise (2015)
David Lang: world to come (2003), the little match girl passion (2007), memory pieces (1992)

Match Girl Passion /Silbersee
Concept, stage direction and musical direction: Romain Bischoff, Bärbel Kühn | performers: Jörg Brinkmann, Miguel Ángel Gaspar, Michaela Riener, Veerle Seijlhouwer, Kevin Skelton, Maciej Straburzynski, Claudia Veltman, Natasha Young | movement coaches: Miguel Ángel Gaspar, Juliette van Ingen | light design: Floriaan Ganzevoort (de Theatermachine) | set design and costumes: Sacha Zwiers | dramaturgy: Wout van Tongeren | graphical design: Esther Noyons | publicity: Tamara Keasberry (Bureau tamtam) | Many thanks to De Doelen, Rotterdam.

Opening Night: wo. 17 december 2014, 20.30u, Laurenskerk Rotterdam

photo’s: Bowie Verschuuren