Little Mermaid for Holland Opera

ittle Mermaid (6+) is a free adaptation of the fairy tale by Hans Christiaan Andersen. This youth opera is produced by Holland Opera.

Challenging for the light design is to create three different worlds of water, land and deep sea. Sometimes multiple worlds are visible at the same time and at other times the worlds merge together. This production tours along Dutch theaters.

For Theatermachine Mike Evers and Maarten Warmerdam have worked together on this production.


Music: Oene van Geel – Text: Herman van de Wijdeven – Director and libretto: Joke Hoolboom – Choreography: Jenia Kasatkina – Set design: Douwe Hibma – Light design: Maarten Warmerdam and Mike Evers – Sound design: Tom Gelissen – Costume design: Esmée Thomassen – Masks: Lisa Louwers – Make up: Bernadette Hilhorst

Performers | Little Mermaid: Mercedes Go – Sisters: Kelly Poukens, Florien Hilgenkamp and Veerle Sanders – Edvard Prins: Rick Zwart and Berend Eijkhout – Triton: Niek Idelenburg

Ensemble | Ragazze Quartet – Violin: Jeanita Vriens and Runa ‘t Hart – Viola: Annemijn Bergkotte – Cello: Rebecca Wise

Photography: Ben van Duin