Mission Symphonic for Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

In the music project Mission Symphonic, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra gets children acquainted with the world of classical music. Together they go on a symphonic mission and get to listen to ten classical pieces: from the famous Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to The Firebird of Stravinsky. In this concert two actors and the full orchestra take a young audience back in time and tell everything about the well-known composers behind these works. Who was Beethoven actually? And by whom was the music of Star Wars made?

The mission ends in the Grote Zaal of De Doelen Concert Hall in Rotterdam. During this concert, all students, accompanied by the entire orchestra, sing together the famous melodies of composers they have met during their mission.

Conductor: Ivan Meylemans
Director: Daniël van Klaveren
Script and concept development: Gabby Bakker
Actors: Mirthe Klieverik and Maurits van den Berg
Light design: Mike Evers – Theatermachine
Video design: Bart Verhoeven – LODOVOS
Photography: Gerrit Alink, Hélène van Domburg and Maurits van den Berg