Mozart’s Sister

Mozart’s Sister (7+) is a sparkling musical performance about a life in and beside the spotlights. It is 1759 and your name is Nannerl Mozart. You are barely eight years old and not only do you play piano brilliantly, but the violin just as brilliant. Everyone thinks you’re a miracle. But then your little brother turns out to be just as musically as you. Or no, even more musical. Wolfje and Nannerl travel through Europe together with their father and perform for kings and duchesses. They are an inseparable duo, these prodigies who experience adventures together. Until the day that Nannerl is sent home. Because a girl should not perform. And isn’t her brother the only real prodigy?

Director and author: Daniël van Klaveren
Performers: Michiel Bijmans, Jiska de Wit, Rudolf Nottrot (violin)
Set design: Lidwien van Kempen
Light design: Mike Evers
Composition and sound design: Wiebe Gotink
Costume design: Esmée Thomassen
Technical crew: David te Marvelde and Guido van den Hof
Production company: STIP Theaterproducties
Photography: Sanne Peper