Scenography for ‘Kasimir und Karoline’ at Theater Basle

For the theatreproduction ‘Kasimir und Karoline’ by Stadtheater Basel, Floriaan Ganzevoort is invited to make the scenography (set- and light design).
The performance is directed by Ulrike Quade and performed by the ensemble of Theatre Basle with the addition of dancers and puppeteers.

In the original version of Ödön von Horvath, the play is set on a fair during the Oktoberfest. The amusement rides on the fair were kept, but the scenography adds to this the unreachability of the fun that these rides have to offer. This is suggested by letting them disappear into the sky above. Also the amusement rides where designed as abstract shapes, what made the same much more universal.

The light comes dominantly from a large rectangular surface, suspended above the players. The space is made almost endless through the use of a black shine floor and a cyclorama lit by fluorescent tubes.

Director: Ulrike Quade
Scenography: Floriaan Ganzevoort
Costume design: Jacqueline Steijlen
Composition: Jannik Giger, Lukas Huber
Choreography: Joost Vrouenraets
Dramaturgy: Martin Wigger
Puppets: Matt Jackson
Light: HeidVoegelinLights

Karoline: Judith Strößenreuter
Kasimir: Philippe Graff
Erna: Inga Eickemeier
Merkl Franz: Florian Müller-Morungen
Schürzinger: Martin Hug
Dancers: Cat Smits, Ivan Blagajcevic, Raakesh Sukesh
Musician: Lukas Huber

photo’s: Simon Hallström, Floriaan Ganzevoort