The Fairy Queen – A Summer Night’s Dream

On May 18, 2019 the opera ‘Fairy Queen – A Summer Night’s Dream’ with music by Henry Purcell and text by William Shakespeare opened in Theater Erfurt, Germany.
In this adaptation stage director Ulrike Quade let the audience experience a continuous sense of movement. Not only do the characters change, there is also an ongoing transition in dance, set and lighting. In the background of this love story we can see skeletons that act as memento mori.

The lighting in this performance is not only moving from one image to the other through transitions over time. Some light fixtures also literary move, causing the shadows of Marc Warnings set to move over the stage.

Conductor: Samuel Bächli
Director: Ulrike Quade
Choreographer: Ester Ambrosino
Concept development: Thomas Lamers
Set design: Marc Warning
Costume design: Carly Everaert
Puppet construction: Watanabe Kazunori
Light design: Floriaan Ganzevoort
Light: Florian Hahn
Chorus: Andreas Ketelhut
Dramaturgy: Larissa Wieczorek

Hippolyta/ Titania: Julia Neumann
Theseus/ Oberon: Ks. Máté Sólyom-Nagy
Puck/ Theseus’ servant: Katja Bildt
Hippolyta’s sister/ Titania’s servant/ Spring: Daniela Gerstenmeyer
Elf/ Secrecy/ Autumn: Julian Freibott
Elf/ Mystery/ Summer: Andreas Karasiak
Elf/ Sleep/ Hymen/ Winter: Juri Batukov
Zettel/ Donkey/ Puppet Indian boy: Thomas Mielentz
Schlucker/ Titania-puppet: Steffi König
Flaut/ Egeus/ Titania-puppet: Martin Vogel
Squenz/ Titania-puppet: Paul Günther
Schnock/ Puppet Indian boy: Karoline Vogel
Schnauz/ Puppet Indian boy: Kathrin Blüchert
Hermia: Kathrina Wilke
Lysander: Emanuele Rosa
Helena: Veronica Bracaccini
Demetrius: Daniel Medeiros

Philharmonic Orchestra Erfurt , Opera Chorus Theater Erfurt, Dancers Tanztheater Erfurt, Puppeteers Theater Waidspeicher

Co-production Theater Erfurt, Theater Waidspeicher, Tanztheater Erfurt and Ulrike Quade Company