The play ‘Closer’ on stage

The performance ‘Closer’ by young director and actor Mustafa Duygulu was based on the play by Patrick Marber. Visual artist Jasper Niens designed an arched ceiling above the actors and the audience as the main set piece. The light design by Floriaan Ganzevoort connects with the set and plays with the rhythmical elements of the ceiling.

The light design is based on the opposition between the open, bare, unstructured space where there is only light that falls through the windows of the room and the warmth of the wooden ceiling that seems to press on the situation more and more.

Direction: Mustafa Duygulu
Actors: Teun Luijkx (o.a. A’dam & E.V.A), Sarah Jonker (o.a. LEEF!), Mark Kraan (o.a. Penoza III) en Marieke Giebels
Set: Jasper Niens
Light: Floriaan Ganzevoort
Choreograpy: Charlotte Goesaert
Styling: Minke Lunter
Technician: Natasja Giebels