Maniacs by Ulrike Quade Company

In Amsterdam the performance ‘Maniacs’ by Ulrike Quade Company opened. The concept, staging and direction where by Ulrike Quade, the light design and scenography by Floriaan Ganzevoort.
In this performance Ulrike Quade investigates together with actor Phi Nguyen the ‘Real Doll’ phenomenon. Dolls you can order on the internet and look like real women. But how do you build a relationship with a doll? Did the pursuit of a functional society went too far? This one-way-relationship does however result in a pure, endless source of love. She turns the owner into a versatile and generous lover.

The factory in which Renée was made delivers a dozen real dolls per day to clients all over the world. Internet forums share tips and tricks on how to best manipulate and preserve the doll as well as how the doll can participate in one’s social life. Actor Phi Nguyen selected and constructed his real doll on the internet and explores the possibilities and limitations of building a relationship with a lifelike doll.

Concept, beeld & regie: Ulrike Quade
Spel: Phi Nguyen
Teksten: Simone van Saarloos
Dramaturgie: Marit Grimstad Eggen
Licht- & ruimtelijk ontwerp: Floriaan Ganzevoort
Video: Richard Janssen & Virginie Surdej
Geluidsontwerp: Richard Janssen
Kostuumontwerp: Jacqueline Steijlen
Regieassistent: Floor van Lissa
Assistent lichtontwerper: Paul Romkes
Decorbouw: Hilko Uil
Hondenmasker: Matt Jackson
Techniek: Niels Runderkamp