Moon Frame for Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

No matter where in the world you might be, you can always look out the window and see the moon. And the moon sees you. The musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra grew up in countries all over the world – with different songs and music in their ears. Children’s concert Moon Frame is a musical journey round the world for all children aged 6 years and older. With the moon as travel companion, children meet the musicians of the orchestra and get to know the music they grew up with.

Sanne Hunfeld, violinist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, won the 2018 Prix de Salon for her project to dress up children’s songs in classical clothes. The Prix de Salon is the prize awarded by the orchestra’s business club each year to a young member of the orchestra with a good idea.

Mike Evers of Theatermachine has designed lighting for these concerts. A challenge was keeping the light close to the musicians, in order not to disturb video projections upstage. For this concert wirelessly controllable led lights on small stands were used, of which intensity and color was programmed into lighting cues. Light design was partly based on existing architectural lighting present in the Concertgebouw venue, added with moving light fixtures supplied by Amsterdam based rental company Lichtwerk.

Director and author: Lotte van Dijck
Musical director: Sanne Hunfeld
Soprano and actress: Marijje van Stralen
Light design: Mike Evers – Theatermachine
Video projection: Camille Scherrer
Production: Marianne Rübsaam
Photography: Milagro Elstak