Ties Mellema is ‘Princepired’

The versatility of funk master Prince as a pop artist turns him into the hero of classical saxophonist Ties Mellema (Dutch Music Prize winner 2010). With string quartet EnAccord and double bass player Wilmar de Visser, Mellema pays tribute to Prince. The music of this program was specially written by composers who share his love for the music of Prince.

The composers take known and lesser known Prince songs as a basis for their own compositions, such as Sign ‘O’ the Times, Te Amo Corazon, Kiss, Purple Rain, Thieves in the Temple and Nothing Compares 2U. Songs full of groove and soul.

Sylvana Simons wrote in the NRC:

The setting was like a popconcert and there was a bar on the stage, where musicians could casually lean down on bar tables during a solo of Mellema. Mellema, himself dressed in jeans and an Adidas track jacket, did not only play the music, but mimicked the whole experience of a Prince concert. That did it. Musically it was very exciting. (…) In the interpretation of Sign ‘O’ The Times, the absolute highlight was the characteristic looped bass riff, played on the double bass. That is such an awesome funky riff – that it can never really translate to classical music. It made me wanna dance.

The Volkskrant gave the concert 4 stars. Pablo Cabenda:

Mellema (is) an extremely versatile musician who can make his heavy baritone swing with a measured precision, or make his alto whine. Exciting in every aspect

Photos: Ronald Knapp